Skin1004 Zombie Pack & Activator


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The mask is made in the form of a concentrated powder and a liquid activator. The lifting mask has an immediate tightening effect, smoothes wrinkles, relieves puffiness and restores tissue elasticity. In addition to the clinically proven pronounced lifting effect, it helps to smooth wrinkles, reduce skin wrinkles and actively moisturize. The mask is very effective in cleansing and tightening pores. Even after the first application, the skin becomes very even and smooth, hydrated and radiant.

The mask has 9 functions:

– moisturizing
– lifting
– clarification
– narrowing of pores
– restoration of elasticity
– removal of keratinized skin particles
– restoration of the hydrolipid balance
– giving freshness and elasticity.

Using a mask will help identify problem areas of the face. Drying up, the mask, by the formation of cracks in some areas, will indicate a lack of moisture, and the formation of a wavy surface indicates a lack of elasticity.

Method of application: Mix the contents of one activator and one jar with dry components until smooth, using a brush from the set. Apply the mask on the face along the massage lines using a brush and leave for 15 minutes until it dries completely. Wash off with warm water and then apply toner.

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