Missha Talks Vegan Pocket Sleeping Mask- Skin Smoother 10g


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All Talks Vegan masks are certified by the European association EVE VEGAN for the control and labeling of animal-friendly products, services and vegan agriculture. The main ingredients of this series of masks are cold-pressed superfood extracts.

Skin Smoother – overnight exfoliating mask.
The mask has a balanced pH of 5.5, based on apple and pineapple extracts.
Recommended to remove dead skin cells, helping to make the skin soft and even out its relief. Regulation of sebum production and the process of natural skin keratinization.
Apple extract: rich in AHA ingredients, cleanses the skin of dirt and dead cells.
Philippine Pineapple: Gently cares for rough skin with a soft and supple texture.

after cleansing and toning the skin of the face, instead of the cream, apply the required amount of the mask as the final step in the evening care before bedtime.

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