Cosmoprofi acrylatic Clear 50G


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Cosmoprofi Acrylatic is a gel-acrylic hybrid. This is a versatile material for modeling nails, convenient and easy to use. The material is soft and plastic, easily spreads over the nail plate with a brush or an orange stick soaked in monomer.

Acrylate retains its shape well, does not flow and retains its entire length on several nails at the same time. Gives nails strength, does not peel off the free edge, does not fry during polymerization and has virtually no smell.


  • Sculptural modeling material
    • Suitable for building, modeling, strengthening natural nails
    • System: three-phase
    • Phase: second
    • Viscosity: high
    • Polymerization time: 90-120 seconds
    • Consumption: minimum
    • Under acrylatics, a basic coating is required
    • Expiration date: 3 years

Volume: 50g

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