Medi-Peel Red Lacto Collagen Cleansing Oil


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Hydrophilic oil with collagen and amino acids for deep pore cleansing. Thoroughly removes all types of dirt, even the most resistant cosmetics, foundations and sunscreens. The oil penetrates deep into the pores, effectively cleansing them, removing all impurities and dissolving fat plugs, regulates the work of the sebaceous glands and fills the skin with moisture, preventing dryness and flaking. Intensively nourishes and moisturizes, provides delicate cleansing, gently exfoliates and removes dead skin particles. Normalizes the hydrolipid balance, does not violate the protective barrier of the skin, maintains an optimal level of moisture.

The oil stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, strengthens the fibers of the epidermis and slows down destructive oxidative processes. Improves skin tone, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and skin creases, saturates cells with moisture and prevents dehydration and dehydration. The product comprehensively works to improve the condition of the skin with enlarged pores: it reduces their depth and severity, reduces the areas and frequency of pores, evens out the facial relief and strengthens the fibers of the epidermis.
Baby Skin Complex ™ consists of 6 amino acids that improve microcirculation and metabolic processes between cells. Promote the synthesis of proteins and collagen, protect the skin from the harmful effects of external factors. Strengthens collagen and elastin fibers, has a relaxing effect on muscles, which helps to delay the formation of wrinkles.
Aquaxyl ™ complex, consisting of glucose and xylitol, is able to bind free liquid. Moisturizes and regenerates the skin, prevents transepidermal water loss, helps skin cells retain moisture and prevents epidermal dehydration.

How to use: apply to dry skin of the face, massage, then moisten palms with warm water and re-massage the face. When exposed to water, the oil will turn into an emulsion that perfectly dissolves makeup. Then rinse off the product with water, if desired, use a foam or other cleanser.

Volume: 200ml

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