Medi-Peel Peptide 9 Skincare Trial Kit


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The set for the face and neck includes 4 products:
1. Medi-peel Aqua Essenсe Toner (30 ml) – toner with peptides and hyaluronic acid
2. Medi-Peel Peptide 9 Aqua Essence Emulsion (30 ml) – emulsion with peptides.
3. Medi-Peel Volume Tox Cream Peptide 9 (10 ml) – face cream with a complex of 9 peptides.
4. Medi-Peel Naite Thread Neck Cream (10 ml) – anti-aging cream with peptides for the neck and décolleté.
The rejuvenating line of Medi-peel is based on a complex of peptides. Peptides are nano-substances that penetrate deep into the epidermis and trigger the natural process of skin renewal and restoration.
Each tool in the kit contains from 5 to 9 types of peptides.
The action of the peptides is complemented by plant extracts and powerful anti-aging ingredients.
Also included:
🔸Adenosine reduces the severity of wrinkles and inhibits aging.
🔸Niacinamide brightens skin tone and helps eliminate age spots.
🔸Hyaluronic acid fights dryness and dehydration.
🔸 Collagen and elastin make the skin more elastic, increase turgor, tighten the face contour.
🔸Almond oil evens out the face and neutralizes free radicals – the cause of skin aging.
🔸Asian Centella extract moisturizes the skin, relieves inflammation and irritation.
🔸Extract of juniper eliminates acne and oily sheen, and also normalizes ph-balance.
🔸Eucalyptus extract soothes the skin, whitens age spots, relieves puffiness.
🔸 Magnolia extract increases the skin’s resistance to UV light and protects against photoaging.
The set is suitable for all skin types prone to aging and wrinkles. Age rating 27+ is conditional: if the first signs of skin aging are noticeable at the age of 20-25, the Medi-peel rejuvenating line will perfectly fit into home care. Cosmetics with peptides are effective both for young girls who have just encountered the first wrinkles, and for more mature skin 40-50+ with pronounced folds.
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