MEDI-PEEL Bio Keratin Fill Up


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Fillers for hair strengthening with accumulative action. The product restores and thickens, as well as strengthens and heals the strands along the entire length. They are able to penetrate into the hair structure, which makes it possible to improve their condition from the first application. Does not weigh down or stick together the curls, as a result they become soft, obedient, crumbly, shiny and radiant. Nutrients help stop the breakage and splitting process. Covers hair with an invisible film that traps moisture inside and protects against negative environmental influences and styling products. The filler simultaneously performs the functions of three hair care products – balm, tonic and mask.

Mode of application:
Mix the contents of the ampoule with cold water 1: 1. Mix thoroughly to a creamy consistency and apply to previously washed and towel-dried hair, spread over the entire length, paying special attention to damaged areas. To enhance the effect, put on a disposable cap, warm it up with a hairdryer and wrap it in a towel. After 15-30 minutes, wash off with plenty of warm water.

Volume: 13 ml

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