Medi-Peel Aesthe Derma Lacto Collagen Clear


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Cleansing Foam with Collagen is suitable for all skin types, removes all impurities, makeup residues and excess sebum.

The composition of the foam contains capsules of enzymes of lacto- and bifidobacteria, which accelerate the regeneration processes, improve complexion and maintain youthfulness of the skin.

Foam has a firming effect, tightens and helps to tighten pores. It soothes, relieves itching and irritation, evens out skin texture and intensely moisturizes.

The product forms an abundant foam, the bubbles of which penetrate deep into the pores, remove all impurities and dissolve fat plugs.

The main functions of the foam:

Deep cleansing;
Improving skin firmness and elasticity;
Narrowing of pores;
Moisturizes and restores optimal moisture levels.
The foam consists of special capsules filled with a complex of enzymes: lactobacilli, lactococci and bifidobacteria. This complex strengthens the protective functions of the skin, heals and tones.

How to use: mix a small amount of the product with water and whip the foam. Spread the foam over the skin with gentle massage movements, massage and rinse with warm water.

Volume: 300ml

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