Masil 8 Seconds Salon Super Mild Hair Mask


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Super regenerating mask for very damaged hair in just 8 seconds will restore shine, vitality to hair, eliminate dryness and brittleness. The product delicately acts on the hair and scalp, penetrates into the hair cuticle and has a positive effect on the restoration of the structure of the strands, restores firmness and elasticity to the hair.

The tool improves the nutrition of the hair follicles and saturates them with biologically active substances, due to which the hair becomes stronger, its structure is restored, and growth is enhanced. The mask also heals the scalp, normalizes the pH balance of the skin, reduces oiliness, strengthens the roots and prevents hair loss.

The mask does NOT contain silicone, alcohol, preservatives, sulfates, heavy metals, dyes, mineral oils.

How to use: Apply the mask to damp, clean hair and distribute evenly over the entire length of the hair. Massage and rinse with warm water.

Volume: 8ml

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