La’dor La Pause Deep Sea Bubble Toner


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Toner is a unique deep moisturizing and toning product that instantly soothes irritated and tired skin. An interesting feature of the toner is the bubbles, which, when applied, turn into a dense toner, due to which the product not only perfectly moisturizes, but also “pushes” the beneficial ingredients directly into the cells.
The use of the toner allows you to get several effects at once: soothe the skin, moisturize, fill the cells with a complex of vitamins and, as a result, get radiant, healthy and smooth skin. Thanks to its structure, the toner is very gentle for the skin, so that even the driest and most damaged skin becomes moisturized and tender.
The composition of the product, in addition to a balanced set of useful ingredients, includes sacran and spirulina.
Volume : 150ml
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