JM Solution Silky Cocoon Home Esthetic Modeling Mask


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Alginate mask with pearl and silkworm extract.
The mask has a deeply moisturizing effect, helps to cleanse and tighten pores. Pearl extract helps maintain skin moisture and prevents dryness, and its crystal structure reflects UV radiation. Contains natural substances and minerals that are uniquely combined with each other; they keep the skin soft, soft and supple.Prevents skin pigmentation by slowing down the development of melanin, which controls skin color pigments. Pearls are almost 100% composed of mineral salts. Strengthens blood circulation, improves skin color and evens out its relief. Provides an intense effect on the skin for an overall firming and brightening effect.
Mode of application:
1. Separate the two packs of formulations and carefully open each one.
2.Pour the powder from package # 2 into the package with activator gel # 1
3.Stir the products thoroughly until smooth directly in the package with a spatula
4.Apply the product to the skin with a spatula and leave for 15-25 minutes
5.After solidification, remove the mask in a continuous layer from bottom to top
Volume: 50g + 5g
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