Jayjun Green Tea Eye Gel Patch


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Green Tea Eye Gel Patches contain green tea, designed to care for the sensitive area around the eyes. Due to the huge concentration of nutrients, vitamin, biostimulants and antioxidants, the effect becomes noticeable after the first use. Regular application of patches will help to remove swelling, dark circles, fine wrinkles and traces of fatigue, and will also normalize metabolic processes, narrow pores, moisten skin at the cellular level, remove irritation. Powder of green tea leaves (0.2%) helps slow down the aging process, improves complexion, fills the cells with antioxidants, fights inflammation, reduces puffiness, fills vitamins K, C and Group B, improves blood microcirculation, protects from negative environmental influences and direct sunlight, improves the skin condition with acne, relieves redness.

How to use: Apply patches under eyes and leave for 20-30 min. Remove and pat for full absorption.

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