Cosmoprofi Liquid Gel № 5


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Cosmoprofi Liquid Gel- camouflage acrylic in a new format! Durable liquid material for strengthening and repairing nails, short length extensions.

The product has the best characteristics of rigid systems with a base consistency.

— Suitable for all types of nails, as well as for work in the technique without sawdust;
– The tool is easy to apply and self-levels, does not flow and does not shrink during wear;
– Allows you to cover the nail plate without bald spots in one layer;
– It is an ideal base for gel polish, French manicure or design;
– Does not require special liquids for distribution over the nail.

How to use: apply a leveling layer, dry in a UV / LED lamp for 60-120 seconds, depending on the power and thickness of the layer.

*We recommend applying liquid acrylate on a transparent base for better adhesion.

Volume 12ml

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